Hey all,
So for a first time customizing project, I'm going to be making some alterations to my Ibanez 7 string. Basically I'm going to be refinishing it in a matte black, adding some new pickups and filing down the nut a bit to make room for some heavier gauge strings.

I have a question though, and I have a feeling is totally impossible. Worth looking into though I spose.

I cannot STAND the look fo my neck right now. It's white dots on a rosewood fingerboard. And i love the way this neck plays, I just can't stand how it looks. Is there any way of altering this at all? For example could I just expand the dots into the gibson blocks? Or is that in no way possible? Any way of getting rid of those dots would be awesome. Even if I could just have a neck with no inlays, I'm fine with that.

Any ways, Just thought I'd ask, thanks for any help given!

P.S. If i can't get rid of the finish, could I replace the neck with a 7 string neck from Warmoth?
Look up vinyl inlay stickers on ebay, they really work great. Had mine for a year or two now with no problems, same guitar too. Here's a pic for inspiration.
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Slashing, does this have an effect on the playability of the guitar at all? And secondly, where did you find you're sticker? It's exactly the same as my last guitar (Schecter C-1 Classic) And I really love the look of it!
Cheers man, it doesn't affect the playability at all. I got them off ebay, there's a couple places selling them. Jockomo81 and I think Creativecuts or something like that.
look into fretboard dying, you can make it look very close to ebony. pretty simple fix that makes a big diff.
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