i have enough for the Line 6 POD X3 but is it really that much better than the m-audio, if there is a difference is it really worth the extra 300?
Well, it depends what you're using it for.

If you want something you'll be able to use live, for silent practice, and be able to just plug directly into it and record - go with the X3.

If you want something more suited for micing, go with the Fast Track.

Really though, if you're ONLY planning on using it for recording, while you're by your computer, you could buy the Fast Track, then buy POD Farm Platinum at AudioMIDI for $150:


and an iLok for $35:


And you just got the exact software that comes on the X3, with the M-Audio interface, for $125 less.
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The Pod will provide amp, cab, effects, etc. instead of having to buy an additional amp sim program with the M-Audio. Are you looking to mic your amp? If so, then pick up a decent usb interface.