Can anyone tab this song for me? If anyone could do it it would be great, It would be great to have the verse tabbed but if not the chorus will be fine!
It is needed urgently!!! Its for a guitar exam and I have lost my sheet music

Thank you.


Almost forgot to link the song - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFUZ29Qqm1s
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It's pretty simple dude, if I had my guitar at hand, I could probably tell you. The chorus is just powerchords, pretty simple to figure out.
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I know but I can't really tell apart the bass from the guitar and also my guitar at home is shit and doesnt sound right at all even when tuned so I can't work out chords that well. It's really the bit at "Calm Down, You better relax" where the strumming pattern changes that I can't fully figure out.

I need the powerchords of the chorus, please? Anyone? It can't be that hard for the pros on here?

"Calm down, you better relax"

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