You might have read more than one "is this the right for me?..." thread by me in the last couple of weeks.

I am just too far from a store to go and check it out myself, so I need your help brothers.

I have my eye on a Cornford Roadhouse 30, but I saw some Bugera heads for less than 500€ and I head good and bad stuff about them.

Would you not tell me a bit about them and what kind of music they are suited for?

I would need the head for home practica and small to medium gigs.
Check the Bugera thread. They've got a fair variety of amps, from metal amps to bluesy stuff.
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how good is the fire safety code in the venues you'll be playing?




Just kidding.

EDIT: I'm guessing the cornfords are higher quality, but then again cornford spent the first 10 years of its existence rubbishing PCB amps, and saying how much better handwired amps were, then suddenly did a 180 and released a PCB amp. Didn't exactly endear me to them.
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Quote by Tim the Rocker
Would you not tell me a bit about them and what kind of music they are suited for?

OK, I won't tell you anything about them.


The Cornfords will be of much higher quality. The Bugera's do have a good tone for their price. It all depends.

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