I've been looking for a 7 string for QUITE a while now and i stumbled this on the september '10 GC issue (yes i do get catalogs in the mail for some reason...) and i stumbled across an Ibanez RGA7 several times and i wanted to see if anyone here has experience with it and i would like to get some thoughts. If it is worth checking out, I just might save money to get one of these
I've heard meh things about Ibanez stock pickups, but I've never owned one, so I can't speak from experience.

I've also heard really good things about the Agile 7 stringer(s?), have you checked those out?
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I'm going to suggest an Agile, as well.
You have way more guitars to choose from, as well as better hardware/pickups.
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From what I've heard from nearly all the peeps in the stores (three of 'em where I live), Ibanez are more or less supreme with their 7 strings.

Concerning the pickups, Yes, they're not really that good unless you aim for the more highend guitars, where they're usually DiMarzio pickups.

But my advice is that you really go out to the various guitar shops that are in your area, and then check out the seven stringed beasts there. No other way to really get your feel about the actual guitar.
I'd go with Agile unless you're planning on spending over $700. Then you might want to look at Ibanez, Schecter or LTD.