Im just woundering i got a band and we play Music like GNR velvet Pinkfloyd ledzeppelin and that kind of music, is there any one that can Help us with Band Names :P?


How about Outdated and Out of Touch

...modes and scales are still useless.

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Hey guys could you spare a minute to Vote for my band. Go to the site Search our band Listana with CTRL+F for quick and vote Thank you .
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Voted for Patron Çıldırdı.

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But our Band is Listana
Classic Rock Wonder Band Unite!

Or CPWBU! for short
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Try any of these names:
Guns n Roses
Velvet Revolver
Pink Floyd
Led Zeppelin
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Rainbow Assmaster and the Wang Warriors



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I just got a headache from the amount of spelling/spacing, grammar and capitalization errors in the OP.

How about the Headache Inducers?
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In a nod to this thread, why not Cannonfodder?
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We Are Not Good or WANG for short
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Harmonica Lewinski and the Consentual Sax
Uncle aciD


The deadbeatS

Do What Your Love Tells You
Axl Rose's Sh*t Brigade...that was once a GNR cover band in my area once.
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Seriously, something that has to do with grammatical errors would works perfect.
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Try any of these names:
Guns n Roses
Velvet Revolver
Pink Floyd
Led Zeppelin

Guns n Zeppelins
Velvet Floyd
Pink Roses
Led Revolver.

Much better.
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Guns 'n Pink Velvet Zeppelins

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