Finally got one of these!
(Crappy quality due to webcam photos. )

I snagged this for $90 at Long & McQuade. I was debating between this and a DD-7, but at $210, a DD-7 was a bit much for my budget.

As for a review, there's not much to say right now. It sounds pretty cool, does a whole bunch of really awesome things, and I'm liking the hold feature a fair bit.

EDIT: Issue appears to be either isolated to one cable, or to the 800ms delay feature in conjunction with a large delay time. It could be that something in the delay time pot is going, or is there something else?
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Nice find! I got my brother a DD-7 for $70 off the same guy I bought my JCM900 SL-X from. I haven't used the DD-3, but looks to be a great basic delay pedal. Congrats!