ok so i was playing my pbass that i built, and the bass got really quiet and stayed at that volume. so i checked the wiring and a wire was almost disconnected. so i soldered it in place. i put everything back and go to try it out and the volume was normal but started to make s clicking noise.next thing i know my amp shuts off and smelt like something bad happened. so i unpluged it. i am so nervous and shaking because it was my favorite setup. the amp is an Acoustic 200 w bass head through a homemade cab.please tell me that my amp and bass are ok.,
ok, it works on my other amps. but im really gonna be mad if my new amp is fryed.
Check the fuse.

EDIT: And if you are shaking, that usually means you are panicked. Remember:
In case of emergency, break glass and do not panic.
..I was watching my death.
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lol, ok, ive calmed down a bit. but i think ill have to wait a few weeks to bring it to my repair guy..
i havent because the amp is still under warranty and will get another if its not thee fuse. but i want a pro to take it a part and look at it.
dont panic. panicing makes you unable to think then you start doing stupid things in desperation. besides, its a freaking amp. its replacable. be glad it didnt shock the piss out of you or something, or worse.

99.99% sure the guitar didnt kill the amp (because i'm never 100% sure of anything).

you never said if the amp was a tube amp. if it is, taking it apart wont void the warranty since you have to do that anyway to replace tubes. idk about SS amps. depends.

maybe the cab is at fault. maybe you had the wrong load impedance connected to the amp. SS amps are alot more forgiving than tube amps but regardless, it can kill them.
its an acoustics b200h. its ss and the minimum load is 4 ohms. thats what my cab is its a 4 ohm cab. but that head can be used with 4,8, and 16 ohm cabs..

can someone please tell me how to take the fuse out??
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usually theres a little thing that looks like the cap from the valve stem thing on a bike or car. just turn it and it should come out

if it's not there, sometime the fuse is internal, and if you're nervous about it you should just bring it to your tech
ok i got the fuse out and replaced it 3 times.. ok so i.have come to the conclusion that my bass amp might be severely broken and i really hope we still have the warranty!! it keeps blowing up.. i changed where i pluged it in and it did the same thing.
You said it was new. If its under warrant just get a new one. Also when you took the fuse out did you put a different new one*? Cause it sounds like you didn't.
Don't freak out to much its a fairly cheap costing head
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