I dunno if this is the right place but,
Christmas is coming up and I have about an $800 budget.
I need some help on what to get to start recording a full band
(drums,bass, guitar, and vocals). I've been looking on google for ever now and I can't seem to find something that tells me the basic set up that I need.
I already bought a computer for the sole purpose of recording and it has great specs. (I'll have to post them later as it's at my band room)

So, Basically what will I need to start recording
Do What kind of sound card do I need?
Also, I want the ability to do multi-tracking on drums and I'll be using cubase
well, for $800, i'm pretty sure thats almost impossible.

Cause u need about 6 mics for the drums alone, then 3-5 mics for the guitar, bass and vocals.

So u'll be looking at an interface with AT LEAST 8 inputs. I got the presonus firestudio project and it's working fine for me. Multi-tracked drums and everything. and has 8 inputs.

So pretty much, u need an interface (eg, presonus firestudio project), microphones (condenser for vocals, drum overheads. Dynamics for everything loud, like guitars, kick drum, bass OR you might even want to DI the bass, in which with the firestudio u can plug it straight in)

And that's all u really need to get started (unless u don't have a set of headphones to record through and other basics like that.

So just look around for interfaces and mics.

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Well, can't I just use a shure sm57 for the guitar, snare, bass, and the overhead on the drums. At seperate times of course.
Would it be more advisable to use the overhead mic'ing method and just have a bass drum mic?
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