piecing pictures of piercing pitches
in scattered shapes inside
the seams and stitches

of swollen hearts;

wandering lonely
amongst the misty bridges,

but torn apart:

we'd missed the riches.

but in cradled hands
our bones sought solace;
a wholesome trust
in a fingerflicked promise.
I like this. It's short and to the point. Is it intended just to be a poem? Or were you going to make it a song? There's nothing I'd change about this. The imagery is awesome, and the diction is excellent. 9/10. Good job.

Crit mine if you have time.
That Cheap Fucking Smile Carries You To Bed

Those Lips Are Social Suicide But I Just Wanna See You Dead.
I can't tell you why because I've forgotten how to express myself properly but I prefer this piece to all of the pieces I've read on here in the past couple of weeks which doesn't seem like much because I haven't been commenting because I've hated them but it is.
There's only one thing we can do to thwart the plot of these albino shape-shifting lizard BITCHES!