I have bought a new fender and as many of you know there are 3 knobs, volume and two tones, however the tones really dont make any difference no matter on what position, and rotated the and all but i just dont notice any real difference, i do notice some in the 3th position and 5th position, but only a little... But also, the amplifier im using is an old roland, and its actually a keyboard amplifier, im could it be cose of it? Thou i have heard from friends that keyboard amps can be used as guitar amps without any problems, or is it just that way with a fender? (im talking about clean, without any distortion or overdrive or what so ever)
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But also, the amplifier im using is an old roland, and its actually a keyboard amplifier,

I read this and facepalmed.

I figure you actually have a Squier? Or at least I was going to until I saw some other posts you made....did you actually buy the $2000 Fender Strat and run it through a keyboard amp?

Get a new amp.
since you got it from a store take it back, even if you got it used they should give you a 30 day warrenty so if it's broken it will be fixed for free
i you are not noticing any difference, either there is something wrong with the guitar, your ears, or the amp. my guess is #2. when i first started out, i didnt notice the difference when turning the tone knob. on cheap guitars they sometimes dont do much, but between 10 and 0 something noticable happens.

a keyboard amp isnt voiced for guitar, but it should be fine. and i doubt its the reason you arent hearing any change.
What kind of guitar do you own? is it a fender mim or american standard?

EDIT: Just read your thread about looking for a guitar. Please tell me you didn't drop 2 grand on a guitar that will be ran through a keyboard amp...
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the tone knobs on strats aren't hooked up to the bridge pickup so that may be part of your problem. rolling off the tone of the middle or neck pickup won't give you as noticeable a change as the bridge would.
Ummmm well its a 2000$ start and i bought it off ebay, but the seller was 100% so there shouldnt be a problem with a guitar, however i dont know about the amp, id really like someone to tell me whats for sure so i dont waste my time, i could try it out on a friends amp thou to see if there is a difference :/ and its a vintage roland amp so its pretty good and the clean sound is nice in my opinion

EDIT: Plus i can buy an amp if i really want :O i just want to know if its the cose of the amp or not lol
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Id bet it was because of the amp. Take your guitar to a store and run it through one of their GUITAR amps!
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i could try it out on a friends amp thou to see if there is a difference :/

You should follow up with this idea. It should answer your questions. Also, check out the Fender manual for your guitar. It should explain which pick ups are affected by each tone control.

As far as the amp, if you like the sound, then it's good. Amps for different instruments are voiced for the instruments they were designed. I'd say your keyboard amp is going to generate a wider spectrum of sound (hertz) than a guitar amp and probably will amplify some frequencies that aren't great to amplify for a guitar.

Ultimately you should probably be looking at a new amp, but in the meantime, the one you have should get you by.
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