Right, so I use my bass amp for everything, like playing and recording. Now it can turn on but NOTHING plays. Ive tried everything, can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance.
Fair enough.
i know these are obvious but you know
is the volume up on the bass?
have you tried different cables?
is the amp plugged in?

it would also help to know which amp
What amp is it?

Also, shouldn't you post this in the bass forum?
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he uses it for guitar, hence why he's in here.

Make sure your guitar/bass doesn't take batteries, because that's why it may not be working.
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Alright, when I posted this I was on my phone, so I didn't get to describe it in much detail. Now I'm not saying that what I've done with this amp is smart because as far as I know as long as I don't plug my bass into my guitar amp everything should be just peachy. Here are some more details.

I have 6 effects connected (I don't think this matters because I do the same for my guitar amp and that's fine). Just to be sure they are Bass Big Muff, Cry Baby, Micro QTron, BP80 MEP, Space Chorus, and Echo Park.

When I want to record I plug a microphone into the amp as well. I don't think this is a problem but seeing as how my amp isn't working anymore, who knows, maybe it contributed. I've been doing that for over a year now though so idk.

The amp is over a few years old. My sister got it when she was in the 10th grade. I was still in the 6th grade at the time. I'm now a freshman in college. That's like 7 years or so? Rounding down. lol

Yeah it's plugged in, yeah the volumes on, yeah I tried different cables and nothing takes batteries. I tried both guitars and the mic on the amp. No sound comes out but the power turns on.

Fair enough.