The tone is really bad on all guitars but if you plan on redoing it(which i highly suggest doing)that can be fixed.Wheather you are a fan or not this really sounds influenced by the likes of Linkin Park.The drum compositon is damn near perfect(add some symbal work).The riffs are powerful and the leads convey an emotion that is clearly defined.I would say you go back to the clean intro part too much and too early.Let the riff repitition build off of that initial inspiration.The general opinion on repitition seems to be a bad one for some reason but the best and worst songs share that commonality.

Let's get into the specifics:

The intro guitar.Try it on a keyboard instead and maintain that throughout.

As for the guitars.They are clipping a lot.The treble is too pericing.Warm it up a bit with a tiny bit of bass and some mids.Play the higher leads with a warm patch and a different pick-up.Maybe even harmonize one.

I don't hear any Bass guitar on this.A little bass makes a big difference and can really add balance to the mix so take the time to put that in there too.

Structure it with lyrics and storytelling in mind.The song has an epic feel to it so make it that way.

Save any and all major leads/solos for the bridge and ending.Don't through them in a verse.

I really think this could turn into something special and I hope my suggestions(whatever they may be worth,I'm no pro)can help you get there.

Good luck.
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Listening now. Tone on the guitars need improving, and maybe a bit of eq:ing the drums, the snare drum and crash both could use some lowering of the treble frequencies. I like the composition, though, the melodies and the riffs are kinda' nice. The drums are good, but could use some variation, maybe changing the pattern halfway through, or something.
I haven't listened to much metal in awhiiiillllleee. But I'm diggin it. I personally like a bass that has a little bit of twang, so it sounds like a real string. However the way you have it works out well. I don't really pay much attention to actualy eqing or anything, but more on composition. I'm not sure what you were trying to go for, but I'm assuming there are no vocals for this so that its an instrumental for some guitar. Which works well. I like the progression from simplicity to complexity. My only complaint is that its so rigid you know, like there isn't a single mistake or anything so it sounds almost *too perfect. But that's probably a matter of taste anyways.

Once again, haven't listened to much metal so I can't say what's missing and what's not.
Listened to it, I cant say i have any complaints, not a big fan of some of the lead melodies, however, i like it compositionally, if u maybe swapped some of the leads for vocals, it would be awesome, i REALLY love that clean riff, and the intro! Great job man, i liked it!
Song- I liked the intro, sets a good mood for the rest of the song. For me, i feel like the distorted guitars and drums came in a little to strong 'out of nowhere'. Maybe find a way to fade them in so it's more subtle? I really enjoyed the riffs, very progressive and never got boring for me. Harmonies and the end of the song were very cool, catchy. The constant break where you go back to the intro acoustic riff is very cool, it keeps the song in sections that always go back to it's roots. Ties the song together rather nicely.

Recording- Intro guitars have pretty decent tone, but once the metal guitars come in it kinda kills the mood. Little too much distortion in comparison to the rest of the mix, how do you record them? I would recommend cutting the distortion significantly and double-tracking everything instead. Drums are iffy, they're not that bad but a lot could be changed. The bass drum has too much reverb on it, definitely cut that down. Add a compressor and screw with the EQ to get it to push through the mix more. The snare doesnt sound bad, but there is a overwhelming sense of fake drums when the snare is hit with the same velocity every hit. If your program allows you to, try going in and taking the time to screw with that. Some reverb on the snare can always help mask the fake repetitive sound of simulated drums.

Your Composition > Your recording quality

Depending on what you use to record, if you ever need any help you can always PM me and I can give some tips on recording and all that fun stuff. Overall good song, loved the composition ideas.

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