hi guys, currently the only device i have capable of recording sound is a webcam (here's a vid i just made to show the quality http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-OYvun4Pc0 , as you can hear there's a lot of feedback noise and it doesn't capture the guitars sound very well).

I have an acoustic guitar (not electro), and I'm looking for a cheap recording solution, nothing fancy or professional since i'm just a beginner! just want some decent sound recording capability without any feedback noises that my webcam makes..

what stuff is out there? looking for anything priced up to around £100 maximum. Any suggestions to what I should get to make some clean sounding recordings? thanks!
well you will spend more than £100 on stuff since its acoustic(requires mic)
I recently(as of January) invested in a macbook. Although the price was steep($900.00) to this day I am still using the input mic to record and if you'd like to hear what THAT sounds like visit my studio band:


All the songs I've written and recorded were done using the input mic, doesn't sound bad at all, does it?
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I simply don't have that much money and know I never will since I don't have a job, although your recordings do sound very very good. Any more suggestions please?
There are some recording devices out there that are 8+ tracks, and cost about 200 pounds new. Boss makes one. I'm sure a used one can be found somewhere. These devices, at least some of them, allow you to convert to wave files for CD burning... from there you can convert to mp3 by using iTunes or some other free program. I would investigate a good unit that does what you want it to do for about double the price you're willing to pay. From there, hunt down a used one on ebay or some other location.