ive been told i need to oil my fret board maybe once a year if i remember rightly im not sure what kinda wood it is but was told by a guitar teacher who looked my hohner classical over that it would prevent it from warping

some kinda seed oil but i forget. halp?
Good thread linked there patti.

@ Fyre, does your fretboard look dry? Ebony doesn't need to be treated b/c the oils from your fingers will hydrate it.

If you do use lemon oil make sure it's lemon oil and not any concoction of it or it will do more hard than good.

Now if you need to clean it. Naptha, 000 (that right?) steel wool to get the grime off the board.
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Nothing a little Naphta = "white gas" = "camp fuel" (Coleman camp fuel, Zippo lighter fluid) and a toothbrush can't clean up.
Don't worry about soaking the neck, just wipe dry after cleaning.

Personally, I stay away from anything metal like razor blades and use steel wool only to finish off frets, careful not to rub on the wood.

Ebony contains minerals that dissolve when exposed to ***anything*** acid and solvents like some methylated and mineral spirits.

Unlike rosewood, Ebony doesn't need any oily nuturing. But if you want to give the fretboard a satin like feel, a dab of mineral oil on a cloth before applying to the wood won't hurt.

Rosewood is different, and needs a regular application of "mineral oil", once every 1 to 3 years, to seal the wood's porosity and prevent it from drying out and chipping.