Hey guys,

whats the difference between the highway telecaster and the standard MIM one. Does it being made in America justify the price increase? Which one would be the better buy?

Thanks in Advance
Well, the Highway One is the better guitar. The biggest differences are the neck (H1 has 22 frets) and the Greasebucket tone circuit. I'm not entirely sure, they say it "rolls of the highs without adding lows," so I'm assuming it works like the Varitone on Gibsons, in reverse.
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The essential difference is that the Highway One is at least 85% U.S.A.-made. It does have the largest frets of any Fender guitar and the most recent editions have a nitrocellulose finish, but it is the made in U.S.A. part that causes the added expense.
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so would the feel of this guitar compared to the MIM tele justify the price difference?

Only you can decide that for yourself. I like the Highway One series instruments very much. You need to play them and see for yourself.
"Maybe this world is another planet's hell?" - Aldous Huxley