Yeah Yeah yeah yeah yeah I know most people here HATE Avenged Sevenfold...but they write some catchy tunes, and plus I was able to find some vocal only tracks of theirs.

So here is what I have so far. I recorded all the guitars/bass/piano, and programmed the drums in Cubase and used Superior 2.0.

I used the vocal track to really get that finished sound and in no way am I claiming that its me singing etc etc, although I did do all the music.

Looking for comments on the overall mix and sound quality, thanks for the help guys. C4C As always!


(I know the vocals may be out of time the track I had to use wasnt exactly perfect and took some tweaking, Ill be posting the full song at the end of the weekend!)
thanks Greasy! I plan on finishing it this weekend and Ill have the whole thing posted up! Just wanted an idea of how the progress is coming along lol
The timing sounds like it got a little messed up in the Chorus, and the beginning of the second verse...right around the 1:00 minute mark. I think it might be the drum track. The drums are still excellent for using a program to do it.

Other than that, everything else sounds pretty dead on to the original song.

Fix the timing issue in the chorus, and it'll be perfect.
Yeah Darth the vocal track I got was pretty messed up timing wise compared to the track I'm doing. But hey I cant complain...Got a little busy over the weekend so I haven't had a chance to fix it, but we'll see if I can get something accomplished this week.
great cover, and i think A7x is an awesome band. there one of my faveorites.