Would there be any point to have a device similar to a b-bender, that could somehow have individual control of all strings? There are some devices that bend up to 3 strings, but would there be any need to use all 6?
Some would say just use a pedal steel guitar, but I think there would be enough of a difference in the sound and possibilities of the two (not just the fact that they are both played in a different way).

Would anyone have any desire to play something like that, and what kind of things would you play on it (chords, lead, etc)?

I guess there is no practical point to thinking about this stuff, its just kind of interesting.
Sorry, I was pretty unclear.
Something that gives you control of the pitch of each string independantly, kind of like a b- bender (which is just for the b string).
Heres a video of one in action:

Your Gentle Way Of Loving Me - B Bender

One on every string would be very excessive, but im sure it would sound cool. It would need to be controlled by pedals or something.
justin hawkins of the darkness has something like that on his jem. cant remmber where he got it from though. some swiss company i think