I have a Jackson Kelly ke-3 and it has some duncan designed pickups that look just like the seymour duncan invader pickup. I love the sound of the pickup but it is giving me some major problems with feedback and i'm not sure if it is just how the pickup is or if i should have it fixed. Basically, if i turn the volume of my my Line 6 spider 3 2x12 up past about 3 or 4 it puts out a constant ear piercing squeal that is next to impossible to stop. Sometime i can get it to stop by touching the sides of the pickup and holding it and it slowly fades out. Anybody have and explanations for this?
yeah it doesn't matter how far away i stand. i've already tried standing far away, lowering the pickup, and taping the pickup down. I'm just wondering if i were to buy a real invader pickup if it would do the same thing.
is it feedback from the strings vibrating ?
if not then probably the pick up isnt waxed and the coils inside are vibrating
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no it isn't from the strings. i took it to a guitar shop and they said the pickup was just super high output and it would have that feedback no matter what but i have a friend witht he same guitar and his doesn't do it.