Are you using an AC Line Regulator with your Amp?

I have some sole searching to do...

I already have a Furman AR-1215 AC Line Regulator.
I have been using it only for my Flextone III XL, and the stuff I ran in it's FX loop.

I have always heard that clean, regulated power was more critical for 'chip type' amps. (Solid state, modeling, hybrid...)

Is it just as critical for my tube amp, to get some power regulation too?

My boggle is deciding if I want to take from my Flex setup, to give to my Z.

Does the Z even need one?
The truth is, if the regulator goes over to the Z, the 4 space rack will have to also come too.
That means a stereo Blue Tube unit, and a Stereo EQ.

I currently don't have an EQ running with my Maz. I could take 1 side and run it in my FX loop? The other side, use for a mic maybe?

The Stereo Blue Tube unit could be used as a mic preamp too I guess...

Don't know what I would do with a stereo BBE Sonic Maximiser.
(It was good for the Flex, especially with distortion, but not needed with my Jr.)

Tough choice to make.
I still have my Flex III XL all set up at the other end of my basement. (Rack included.)

What would you do?
Honestly, I've never had any problems with unregulated power. I guess if you're gigging regularly in lots of different venues, it probably couldn't hurt, you never know how good the wiring in a venue will be.