So i have this problem with my S470 and my VT100 with shitloads of gain.

I get this droning feedback. I've read where ppl get a screeching feedback, but mines more like a WOOOOOOOO, than an EEEEEEEEEEE... if ya dig wat i'm sayin? But this ONLY happens in the bridge position, the neck and even the single coil is totally fine.

The next thing that makes is harder, is that i don't know wat pickup is in it, cause i got it used. Anyway, i'm thinking of replacing it with a Dimarzio Evolution, but i wanna know if there are any tests that i can do, to see if replacing it will do the trick.

- Ibanez S470 (2004)
- late 70's vintage Fender Stratocaster (USA)
- VOX VT100 Amp
- Digitech Whammy Pedal
- Weeping Demon Wah Pedal
- Visual Sound Volume Pedal
- MXR Micro Amp
If I recall your VT100 has a built in noise-gate.
If you bypass your effects.
And while holding tap down, move the whatsit up or down it controls the noise gate.
my 30VT has this function.

Bridge's are often more noisy, this can also be caused by background interference from televisions and other things.
but it could be less likely be a wiring issue, try other guitars to test this theory.
My Noise-gate cuts out all the noise
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Quote by Jyrgen
Don't use a shitload of gain

This, too much gain is bad...end of story

move away from the amp to reduce feedback