hey guys

ive decided that i want to record some covers and put them up on youtube, but im not sure what to buy, that will be cost effective, but also give a nice tone. i dont want to spend TOO much as well, im thinking maybe <$200 AU if possible, id like to keep it minimal though, the cheaper the better.

im thinking about getting some sort of line 6 pod, because they seem pretty good to me, ill be able to get one of eBay, but which model?
if not a line 6 product, what would you guys recommend?
recordings will mostly be for metal.

another thing, when i do get the recording device. do i just plug my guitar into that, then plug that into the pc, and away i go? ive got audacity, which seems to be recommended

anyways, thanks a lot.
(sorry if ive confused anyone, im new to recording)

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well, The Floor Pod Plus has a studio mode I think, which is just basically for recording =]
My friend let his to me when I recorded my A Level music piece, and the tone I got was almost perfectly in keeping with the tone I got from my amp, so I'd recommend that =]
I don't know how much it would be AUD tho, it's about 140 GBP or something?
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