Now, I didn't know exactly where to post this (here, elec. guitar forum or somewhere else), so if it's wrong I'm sorry.

It is now the time of the year when I want something new, and I've recently looked a lot on the Music Man JP6 (non bfr), and man, it's beautiful. However, since my current guitar is OK, and my amp is not so OK I'm not sure if i should by a new amp first, or go for the guitar (second hand, but I'm sure I can find a new one).

My current guitar is an Ibanez s470, which i love, the problem is that it's only 22 frets ..
My amp is (no rage) a spider IV 75w (don't ask how I ended up with this one).
However, it's just a bedroom amp, when I play with my band there is already a couple of stacks in the room, so my spider stays home.
I also have the Boss gt-10, which I use everywhere.

I live in Norway, and as some of you probably know, everything is amazingly expensive here, so I'll mainly buy used.

So what do you think? Should I buy a new amp before a new guitar?
My opinion is that if your guitar is good and your amp isn't so good, get a new amp first. It shapes your tone far more and even a bad guitar can sound good through a good amp, but the world's greatest guitar won't sound very good at all through a terrible amp. So it's a case of getting priorities right.
The thing is, since I only (ATM, at least) use my amp at home I wasn't sure if it was worth it. But I've been thinking about the HT-5, since it seems like it covers my needs.
But lets say ... 600 USD, but again, everything is expensive here.
For instance HT-5 goes for 400 USD, which is about 2400 norwegian kroners. However, in norway the amp costs about 3800 NOK, which is about 600 USD.
So if you can find an amp, which costs 600 usd in the US i guess it will fit in by budget.