MXR 10 Band EQ is pretty nice. I've got it for boosts, and I can add mids so it cuts through really nicely. 12dB volume add or takeaway, same for gain and all the bands.

When I use it with the "mid hump" I put the volume to about 12 and the gain to 8, which works really well.

It'd probably help to say your gear though, as different players will need different things, I'm a pedal user so an overdrive woulnd't have worked.
Most people use EQ's and OD's, but I personally use a compressor. I love the effect it has on solos, it makes your single notes really stand out, gives you a bunch of clarity and really helps you cut through.
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what's your budget, and what type of a boost do you want? do you want it to be transparent? do you want to get some clipping from the pedal too? etc.
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