Hey guys. I am selling my Ibanez guitar. It is a great begginer guitar, and it gets some heavy distortion. It isnt really my style anymore personally so I am putting it up for grabs. Just hit me up on my profile with some offers, I am taking any offers, no starting price just give me a REASONABLE offer. So like I said message me on here, or email me at lddavis42@hotmail.com. If you dont wanna get it but you know some good sites to advertise guitars to sell other then ebay and craigslist then let me know. I cant upload any pics because it doesnt work on this site for me, but if you are at all interested and want pics email me at lddavis42@hotmail.com and I will definately email you some pics! Thanks!
Will you take $6,203 for it? That's all I've got.
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Ill do $794742924725.6934953853 for it convert that to pounds its not alot.

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