dunno but its pretty good tbh

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if it were my song id call it " hey man is your sister 18?"...... but thats just me lol... good song man no idea what you should call it though.
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Some vocals wouldn't hurt, but otherwise, the guitars, bass, and drums all sound very good. Audio quality is also very good. The playing is very tight. I like 95% of the guitar melodies. Song title ideas? How about 'Scrambling for Cover', or 'Barrage of Bullets'. Please review my music at this link:


Edit: Interesting Gaga cover BTW. Where did you get her vocals (by themselves)?
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Oh yeah I forgot to mention, vocals are still a work in progress, I'm terrible with writing lyrics haha it takes a while :P
Gaga's vocal track can be found if you look up 'lady gaga paparazzi a cappella' on youtube, it's like the 1st one on the page with that search

Thanks for the help everyone
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it sounds as if someone is being chased, so i would say

"Maybe Next Time"
i think UG should have a sub forum to the gear ads... for like recording equipment. not just guitars and amps and that stuff
Good stuff. Really liked the riffs, especially the harmonized parts. The strings at 0:45 was a pleasant surprise, but they could use some work, I think. Also, it really could use vocals.

Oh, and for the title. IMO, the song feels pretty emotional, so the title would need to be too. To me, it invokes a feeling of looking back at some emotionally intense and fairly sad event (though the exact nature could be anything from a failed relationship to the death of a friend) Maybe a one-word title, something like "Escape", "Rearview", "Gone".
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Well this kicks Bullet for My Valentine into touch anyway! Along with most of the established metalcore elite if you ask me. Very impressive stuff, a nice mix, excellent riffs, awesome bass tone too - has a nice organic edge to it, and ties in perfectly with the guitars. The guitar tone is not my favourite, but it works well with what you're doing here. The strings were indeed a pleasant surprise.

This can only get better with vocals, especially hearing the vocals on some of your other stuff - what kind of equipment are you using to record this stuff? It's sounding really nice all round.

The only thing I would change would be to give the kick drum a little more low range emphasis, while you do want it to click I usually prefer a bit more low end there too. Of course the kind of sound you're using is commonplace in this genre so I can understand why you're using it.

Basically, excellent stuff here, very impressive. Any chance of a crit on mine?

P.S. For some reason, words like Lockjaw are coming into my head when I hear this. Something snappy and brutal sounding...
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Thanks for the feedback!
Anyway, right now I'm just using gearbox to record directly into garage band and doing a few eq adjustments and such from there. For drums I use superior drummer, it's expensive but definitely worth it if you can't record a live drummer. This past summer while I was home, I recorded my actual amp/cab with a Sennheiser E609.
Write the music you want to hear.