My cover

Well, after I finished my job at a Nuclear lab I thought it was time I tried to do something creative with an ultimate outcome, too which end I decided I would try and make a cover of the song "Sheepdog" by Mando Diao (not very well known outside of mainland Europe as far as I have picked up). My video is the top link and bellow I have put the original version for comparison.

The original version

My video is really stupid, and I made a couple of ***k ups since I had to mime it because I recorded all the parts separately since there is only one of me. I failed to sync it most of the time, I look shocked as the guitar turns to a bass, and at one point I didn't delete the sound from the video. But the point of this was the actual recording and playing, so any comments of the actual recording, things to look at to improve on particularly?
Yeah, my friend said the kick wasn't pronounced enough either. I think its not enough gain from the synth (even though everything is on full in a separate tracks). I may try using a different synth for the kick drum.