Hey, I'm in a band. Theres a guitarist, a drummer and me (guitarist)
They want to just jump in to writing stuff, but they clearly lack knowlegde of scales, timing, and how to write songs. I just want to cover songs for now. I know a lot about music theory and they know almost nothing. They can NOT agree on any musical genre that isn't the specific one they want to play.

The guitarist wants to play rock, the drummer wants indie/heavy punk and I am fine with anything. But they are arrogant. They don't even give the songs i show them a chance and shut them down right away. They want to play their own material. Which, they lack motivation and knowledge of scales and lyrical writing patterns to do so.

What do I do? Is there a page I can show them that contains everything they need to know? Help is appreciated.
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You need to get mad. next time you see them dont be nice to them and calm. you say "okay listen up you lazy ****ers. right now your both lacking motivation and knowledge to even start writing your own stuff so right now we are covering songs whether you like it or not" if they still act the same way its time for new band members.

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It doesn't sound like they are lazy as they actually want to write material, but it does sound like they are unfocused. I actually wouldnt worry about genre too much as that can limit you but try to have each of them bring something to the songs from their prefered genre. Perhaps its because I grew up with grunge which was a mix match of musical backgrounds that I have this attitude but I find it really works. My band has a punk, metal, classic rock and whatever the heck satch and vai play and it works really well.

Try to have a discussion with them, without out getting mad as that will not help anything. It should be firm and discuss what it is you want to accomplish. Then start with a simple song just to get used to each others playing and so forth. This may not be a song that you intend to keep but it will help you develop your skills. Its a stepping stone so to speak. Give mixing your bands prefered genres into one song, its what we do in my band.

Good communication is key in a band.
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What you said is not lazyness. The guys want to create songs. They don't want to be a cover band. You don't need scale or chord theory to write a good song. Maybe they'll come up with a good song.
If they are just mashing random ideas together and not really working on a song you should find another band that is more adult and serious.
So you want to play covers, and they want to play originals? Well of course there's going to be a problem there. Firstly sort out whether you are an originals or covers band, and then work through the problem together.

I don't really see the "lazy" part that you're hinting at either.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
how about you all bring in one cover that you all would like to play?
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Sounds like you need a new band.
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i had a friend who played drums who i would regularly play with. had had a bitch at me about wanting to write our own stuff, yet he said that because he was the drummer he didnt have to write anthing and that writing music is the job of the singer/guitarist.
I wasnt really ready to write my own stuff and we could only play 2-3 covered songs together all the way through with no mistakes.
i see what you mean about people who dont know how to write music trying to make you to do something your not ready to do.
i dont quite know if this helped or not...
You don't need scales to write songs....
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These guys sound like stuffy twats. I think respect is a huge problem here. If you can't respect your fellow bandmates then how can you be open enough to write and express music with them. (Axl Rose excluded hahaha)

I think he means lazy as in trying to shortcut themselfs just so they can write "originals". Instead of working on their "chops". They don't need to know scales necesarily, you can arrange it and they can write it. I don't know how much chemistry you guys have together but it sounds like they have motivation for writing, despite maybe not knowing exactly how.

In conclusion, try it out. If it sucks, oh well. Practice makes perfect. If they clearly canno't handle it. Then just either leave or convince them otherwise they suck. Just because you learn or write a song, doesn't mean you have to play it live. Only you guys will hear it.
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Umm...this doesn't appear to be a band at all, just a few posers/douches, who think they're a band. Move on. What I see is a disaster, waiting to happen. Proceed if you must, but prepare yourself for disappointment.
1. Sorry to the drummers, but drummers are nearly impossible to get any messages across to. Maybe it's the water in the midwest and it's better elsewhere, but speaking from my experience you've just got to bite the bullet and realize you aren't going to get much through to your drummer.
2. As has been said, you don't need all that knowledge to write a song. Bad as that sounds, it's true. I know people who scales have limited because some people just get into a mindset of so-called "rules" and crank out nothing but the same mechanical sounding riffs all the time. Knowledge can most definitely help you create a good composition, but start off to have fun
3. As has been said as well, get on the same page on weather or not you're a cover band, original, etc.

You guys sound early in development, just jam out and have fun and work from there!
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What you said is not lazyness. The guys want to create songs. They don't want to be a cover band. You don't need scale or chord theory to write a good song. Maybe they'll come up with a good song.
If they are just mashing random ideas together and not really working on a song you should find another band that is more adult and serious.

he said it man, it sounds like you need to find more mature musicians to work with. one thing i had to come to terms with recently is that its fun to play with your friends, but if youre serious about the future of your band then its better to apply members based on talent, not level of friendship. youll become friends with the newer guys anyway.