Hey guys
Its my sister's birthday really soon and she wanted an acoustic for about a year now so I thought I'd get her one. being a student i'm on a very strict budget but I'm looking at the Falcon FG100. Any other recommendations? or is this guitar worth it?


I was also looking into the Fender CD60, but thats almost double the price. is it really worth it? Which is more value for money?
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My first acoustic was a Falcon. Up until August, it was my only acoustic.

But I spent about £80 on it, getting it "good". I know play a Faith Venus that costs £700.

If you want to buy her a guitar, buy a decent one.

The cheapest you should look to get are, a Washburn D10 S or a Vintage V300.

Both very good beginner guitars with solid tops.

Vintage V300

Once you have it, it will be worth getting someone to set it up properly, to make it more playable.

And, make sure she actually wants to learn, before you blow £100 on her...although, be aware, that buying a crap guitar, will make it hard for her to play and more likely for her to give it up...catch 22
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