I just got a 12 string Nagoya n-12 23 guitar and I have a few concerns as to how I should proceed with it.
It has a few minor cracks on the body as you can see in the pictures, and the bridge is sort of peeling off. I'm worried that playing it alot could damage it, and I'm not sure how major those two problems are or if i should get it looked at in a guitar shop.
The bridge is what concerns me the most, I'm worried that if I put new strings on it it will raise even more, as the guitar is currently missing 2 strings.
Also, the back story on the guitar is that it was given to the lady from who I got it from in the 70's by a guy who played semi professionally in Philadelphia, and that it was barely used since then.

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Detune it, so you're not further stressing the bridge, and take it in to a good luthier ASAP.

This isn't uncommon with older 12-strings -- all those strings put a lot of tension on the instrument. It looks like a fairly clean separation, so it shouldn't be that difficult a repair. (Usually the bridge is attached with a very weak glue, so that if it lifts, it won't rip the top apart with it.)

By the way, most older 12-strings were not designed to take standard pitch. I recommend tuning at least a whole step down, if not more, to avoid this happening again in the future.

EDIT: I see a small crack in the binding and a bit of minor wear on the back, but it doesn't look like anything too serious. Considering the age of the instrument, that actually looks pretty good.

Would it be possible for me to do the repairs myself? I'm hesitant about taking it to the guitar shops around as they charge a ton and from my previous experiences don't do too well of a job.