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Might be some interesting stuff. Post pics if you want to.

The oldest thing in my home is sheet music for chopin's prelude no. 15, from 1968, printed in Münich.

So how about you?
i have a Bible that was on my mom's side of the family from the 1800s. i'll take a pic later and edit my post. it's f*ckin huge
Ancestor's marriage certificate. 1880. That may be incorrect, though. We have a few trunks filled with early 20th century, 19th century stuff.
This 1926 penny I have. After that, probably my grandfather's compass from WWII.

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My dad.

Seriously, he is.
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Penny from 1910, Great-great uncle's army medal and probably a couple silver dollars although I don't know exactly how old they are.
Besides my parents, well they aren't that old, but the oldest thing in my house is everything in the attic. It's all from an old family that used to live here. it was a military house. So is everyother house in my neighborhood. Then when world war two was over, they moved out and shut down the military bases closest to my home. My house was built in world war 2 and the things in side were during.
The house itself. It's like, 500 years old.
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I think we have a reichsmark (from the mid 1930s) in the house somewhere.
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I'm the oldest thing in my home. Granted I live in my own apartment, but still. Sad day. Thanks for reminding me TS.
Probably my great-grandfathers rocking chair. From the early twentieth century or maybe older, I'm not too sure but I think its from the old country (Norway). That or maybe some old coins I used to collect. I haven't been home in a while though.
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A cannonball from the 1700's
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We got a shotgun from i think just before or during the Civil War. It is passed down to the oldest son in our family...I don't get it

But we also have a book on the revolutionary war written in 1886 i think...
The oldest thing I own is prolly my WWII grenade
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other crap...
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We have a shotgun from the late 1800s, and my acoustic which is from 1977 that my grandpa passed down to me.
We have some sort of gun from the civil war. I don't know anything about it really though. Other than that, probably this computer.
Either this one dresser, or this one deck of cards commemorating the founding of some logging town in Washington state in 1878
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1. An indoor (GIANT!) belonged to my great grandmother i think.
Like 120 + years old

2. some other really old furniture

3. A sword from like aaages ago

4. Some really old coins...1800's ish
I have in my personal posession:

A 1903 Liddell and Scott Greek-English lexicon

A load of Latin and Greek books ranging from 1920-70

A teddy bear from 1970.
Pretty sure it's my mother.

Maybe the membership card of my grandfather to the "Friends of Spastics" association but I dunno if that's around anymore
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My Fender amp is from 1967 or so.
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The buffet in the dining room that is apparently over 250 years old. It was my uncles, who got it from his mother, who got it from her grandmother, and thats where we lose track of things, so I dont really know how old it actually is.
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A music box from 1899 with 4 song rolls
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I think it's a Nokia.
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Seeing as how I'm in a dorm room/apartment thing that's brand new, I'd say that my wallet is, on account of it being the only thing older than me.
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