Well folks I recently came into a BUNCH of tubes for only $20! They're all unknown condition and I don't recognize any single one of them. Anyhow, I've started to sort them out and was wondering if anyone could point out things like "oooh those are rare" or "Those you could swap in place of a 12ax7 and get less gain" or stuff a long those lines. Although I have a pretty good feeling that most of 'em are tubes from old TVs or stereos, you never know. One did say wards airline on it (like the old wards guitar brand).

Anyhow, here goes the list... part one (there's 125 tubes to sort through!!)

2x - 6CU5
8x - 6KZ8
1x - 6KT8
6x - 6HZ6
2x - 12CU5
2x - 5BQ7A
3x - 5LJ8
2x - 3BZ6
2x - 6BR8(A)
2x - 6CG8A
1x - 6GK5
2x - 6BA8A
1x - 6CL6
1x - 6AS8
2x - 6CY7
2x - 6BC8
2x - 5CG8
3x - 6BJ8
3x - 2BN4
4x - 6S4
2x - 8LT8
2x - 6JH6

Haha help meee! There's more to come...

Oh and a pic or two

Fricken UG, why doesn't it automatically squeeze the pics down.
Well I sure seem to be getting a whole boat load of replies! But anywho, here's more tubes.

3x - 6AF4A
2x - 6AQ5
2x - 6JU8(A) - they look different
3x - 3HM5/3HA5
2x - 3CS6/3BY6
2x - 3CB6
2x - 6AH6
2x - 6AQ5A
2x - 8FQ7

A few of these tubes, 3 or 4 maybe say Airline on 'em. As in the wards guitar brand... hmmmmmm
I recognize a couple name(number?)`s, but have no clue what they are from/ could swap in place of.

Good score though

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Yay! Activity! Oh I just thought of something, I should mention what I was thinking about using some of these for hahaha! One thing was a compressor. I'd have to design everything obviously, as these tubes are kinda odd ball, but from what I've gleaned, a compressor is like a small boost amp with another amp driving a photocoupler working against the other amp? The other thing I was thinking of is (albeit, unrelated to guitar) but a small headphone amp to get a cool tubey sound, after all a few of these are tiny tubes. The other thing is a reverb driver and recovery amp for an old organ tank I have (about 8 inch springs maybe?).
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