Straight to it:

Beaten up case contains...

A 62 RI tele!

Aside from a chip in the paintwork...

It's absolutely perfect.

I've only had a couple of opportunities to have a play, but from what I can gather:

- The neck is stunning; just thick enough to hold on to, but not baseball-batish. Great for chording and chunky lead
- The p'ups offer a decent amount of versatility; I'm never normally a twang-fan, but the bridge just does it for me, and grows a nice bite when you roll up the gain. The neck is wonderful and smooth for jazzy/bluesy phrasings.
- The unit as a whole is absolutely gorgeous. I'd never normally go for a black tele, but the binding just does it for me!

I've been after a tele for a while, and yeah, this definitely hits the spot (especially for the price!)
Gorgeous. I love Teles. HNGD!
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All for sale!

Call me Matt!
Digging the tele, hating the colour.

But that's all personal opinion!

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nice! mij/cij for the win.
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beautiful! loving the white binding on it, very nice.
always loved teles. Thinking about picking up a jim root tele as my next guitar as im more into metal but i've always loved the shape/overall look.
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My first reaction when I saw the pictures : Oh shit that's nice !
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Slap a mint green guard on it, and that's my dream tele.

I think I just might!

At the moment I think it's just too contrasting, but I don't think mint green would work with the binding. Will probably go black on black, like this: