From the muddy banks of the River Medway, Dogtown was formed in 2010 creating a sound that is like being violated by a length of splintered 2 by 2 with nails in it; but in a good way. Since that time they have steadily created a fan base in which they want to breakdown the barrier between audience and band with members often jumping down from the stage whilst performing into the crowd at gigs, and encouraging audience members on to the stage.

Unashamedly D.I.Y. they take the hands on approach to marketing themselves, making merchandise, and producing their own music. They consider the current climate of Alternative Rock to be too clinical and safe and have set out to create some of the dirtiest sludge filled music they can as well as mixing things up with some tripped out chilled songs.

Their music has a raw vocal growl, unchecked distortion and feedback, heavy bass and thundering drums. This isn't weak overproduced, market-driven, corporate rock that gets called 'Alternative' or 'Punk' nowadays, this is music with attitude.

Dogtown took their name from the district around the Pacific Ocean Park, an amusement park in the south side of Santa Monica that is known as Dogtown. The name was used for its surfing and skateboarding connection, which some members of the band enjoy, as well as adequately describing the Medway Towns where the band members are from.


Adam "Scoobs" - Lead Guitar
Kev "The Fuzz" - Fuzz Guitar/Backing vocals
Mike "I'm Batman" - Drums/Backing vocals
Shellington "London" - Vocals
Steve "Fox" - Bass

The Big Dog - Security and band support
Nicola - Offical Photographer


Hole, The Gits, The Distillers, 7 Year Bitch, L7, Nirvana, Neil Young, Dinosaur Jr, Mudhoney, Smashing Pumpkins, Green River, Metallica, Babes in Toyland, Japanese Voyeurs, Blondie


"Just because you can, doesn't mean you should."
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hey! i was gonna add you guys on myspace, but you beat me to it
i love your sound! def has that grunge feel.
and is "shaggy" playing a jag-stang in the member picture?!
I play a Mustang, so thats sick
Hi thanks for the nice words "Shaggy" is me and yep that is a jag-stang. Its my pride and joy.I love Mustangs too and want to get one soon.
"Just because you can, doesn't mean you should."
oh cool thats awesome, and disregard me asking what you played in the post on the Sleepsoil page since you just answered my question.
yeah i love the feel of the Mustang, and i suppose the Jag-stang feel is pretty similar. The ony downside of the Mustang is the pickups; theyre pretty weak. I replaced the bridge with Seymour Duncan Hotrails, and that helped alot, and i just ordered Symour Duncan Coolrails to replace the neck pickup. Its gonna scream.