like pod farm only you can have two different effects running together and alot of other cool tricks, here is a quote about it - he says its called windows 4.3 but i googled it and no luck

“Richard found out about this programme, which I’d heard about as well, that can morph two sounds together. It’s got a weird computer name like Windows 4.3, something like that. It’s a computer programme that is basically banks and banks and banks of synthesizers within a computer generator where you can put any sound in, like a voice or a guitar, and it will recreate that sound using all its internal synthesizers.”
Sounds like Logic, maybe...
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What the hell are you on about?

There's loads of computer amp modellers that can process your guitar like Pod Farm, but with unlimited effects. Amplitube, revavler and Guitar Rig are the big ones.

Then you've got DAWs ('digital audio workstation') which is wha tmost modern recording studios use. You can add a near-infinite number of plugin effects onto any audio track, but this has a much steeper learning curve and isn't designed for realtime use. You also get Virtual Instruments which are basically a highly advanced sampler, using hundreds of audio files controlled by MIDI data.