I own an Ibanez SA260FM and have been recently experiencing excessive feedback problems... which i havent faced for last 8 months with this guitar.

This might have happened after my guitar fell off the strap, onto the floor (not on the pickups but on the side of the body).

Cud this be the reason, what might have got damaged and how do i fix it?

Please lemme know ...
I own a line 6 15watt and an boss me-70 ...
This problem exists whatever be my orientation w.r.t the amp and happens when i use moderately high levels 5-8 on the master volume....
are you playing in a small room? because 5-8 could cause feedback in the room from the sound bouncing of the walls and making the strings vibrate
Does the boss have a gate built in? Try using that.

Really i cant think of anything to do with the guitar that could cause feedback, unless youve lifted one of the ground wires. (Check theres two wires to the jack and one leading to the trem claw in the back, make sure there are no loose wires through the rest of it)

And yeah, playing loud will cause feedback, especially if you're near the amp while you play.
@supersac ... this happens whereever i take the guitar
@becktjc: I got the wiring checked ... no avail ... still the same problem ...

Im thinking of potting the pickups to see that fixes it...