Hi everyone,

So I play guitar for a few months now, own a Cort G-110 and Cort CM10G, nice to start with but it's getting frustrated now that every song sounds the same since the amp options are limited and the sound quality of the guitar isn't great. I'm planning to play old rock and rock, like Queen, GnR, Bryan Adams etc. So I am seriously thinking about buying a Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plain top and a Vox VT30, since the sound fits perfectly to what I want to play. Went to a shop last week and the guitar felt well in my hands.

So does anyone has experience with this guitar or amp? Don't want to buy something that I'l regret after a few months..
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I own a Les Paul Plus Top, its pretty much the same thing...and I love it. Very versatile and if it felt good to you nd you can see yourself being happy with it go for it. LP's are excellent guitars and can pull of so many tones. The VT is an OK amp...but there are some sweet little tube amps in that price range, too!

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Epiphone Les Paul Standards are nice guitars a big step up from the Cort G110

id say get a better amp than the Vox VT30 The amp is what makes everything sound good.

"A bad guitar will sound good on a good amp, a good guitar would sound bad on a bad amp"
You won't go wrong with that combination. Obviously it's not going to be quite the same as a proper Gibson through whichever valve amp you set the VT30 to model, but all my experiences with the VT50 (with various guitars) have shown it to be versatile, and actually sounds fairly nice in almost all situations (although I find it lacking in gain somewhat for the heaviest of heavy metal)