Hey MT,

So i´m trying to see how to approach my theory learning, i´m not a complete noob when it comes to theory (i know my basics: how chords are formed (triads, 7th chords), the circle of fifth, keys, the major scale structure and harmonizing it, intervals, and very basic sheet music reading.). But i would like to know more since i think it would help me compose better (please correct me if i´m wrong here) and become an overall better musician.

The thing is, i don´t really know how to approach it. I use my basic theory knowledge when i compose something but i feel my theory knowledge is pretty scarce and "weak". So, what i´m asking here is, should i practice theory on a daily basis? Like i would practice scales and exercises? I´ve tried learning theory everyday but after a couple of days it gets repetitive, and i feel i can´t take any new stuff in until i do something with the one i already have, because otherwise i can´t understand more difficult things. And all i do is just keep going through the basics over and over, not really advancing.

So, how do you practice theory exactly? Do you do something daily that puts your theory knowledge into practice or you learn new stuff everyday? Can you recommend me some exercises, or ideas so as to put my theory into practice everyday?

Oh, i do take lessons. They aren´t theory lessons exclusively, i started going to guitar lessons a couple of months ago but my teacher doesn´t really give me anything specific on theory, he just explains theory stuff as i learn things on guitar (like scales, keys, for improv and composing, etc.) and i´m just learning how to read music.

Well, hope you can help me out, sorry for the long post. Cheers!
Reading sheet music every day will definitely help some of your theory (time signatures, ornaments, tempo markings etc), and doesn't get repetitive because you can always change the music and still be practicing the same thing.

However, because you said it is quite a weak aspect, I would suggest learning easy songs first, even if you feel you can rip through them fast, because it will all add up and give you experience
You just use it - every time you look at a piece of music simply make an effort to understand what's actually going on. Theory isn't something you learn in isolation, it;s an integral part of learning to play a musical instrument.
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im not a theory type of guy myself but the way i learn to advance technique and stuff is to keep challenging myself with new material, il learn new scales, a new song by ear, il try learning a new technique.....

Its just a case of stopping yourself getting bored with the same old thing, and whilst doing the new material i also practice the older stuff to keep it all fresh in mind.

I hope that this helps