Now listening to The BrainStorm Sessions - Vol 2 (Part 1.2): So far this intro sounds rather unique & interesting. Cool drum beats. Unusual keyboard sounds man! At about 4:30 it feels like it could use some vocals (or shorten it around here). By about 6:00 I'm feeling this song could work as background music for a movie. Audio quality is good. This song is pretty darn long, but there is a lot of cool things in it. Please review my music at this link:

Listening to part 1.

Cool stuff, the keyboard thing at 0:46 was nice. First melody goes for a little too long, I think. The solo that follows it is kinda' cool, but also a bit too drawn out, I think.

Really liking the drums, both soundwise and compositionally.

Generally, the keyboard sounds that come in here and there are cool, while the solos feel a bit too drawn out. Then again, they're fairly good, so it might be just my patience that's too low.

At 6.40 now. At this point, it feels a bit like there's need of a change. The drum beat and the solos have been going on for quite some time now.

At 8.20, the change appears. Liking this part.
For a song this long, my feeling is that the individual pieces must stand out more, then just solos. Vocals would be nice, or just something different from the soloing. To me, right now it comes off more like a jam session then a song.

To be honest, I liked the backing much more then the actual solos. You've got some pretty cool soundscapes going on, and the solos don't really stand up to it.