I'm changing the action on my guitar, what else will i need to change meaning innotation/neck rod/etc or will I be able to raise it and play?
An lp style guitar, but I don't see how that matters. I don't personally like it low, I want it higher. Does anyone know the answer to my question? Thanks for your time.
it depends on how much you adjust it. there isnt a simple answer to the question. you will typically have to at least adjust intonation, but it depends on exactly what is changing, the the guitar, current setup, etc. just run a full setup and check everything. start with intonation, get that set, and go from there. truss rod probably wont need to be adjusted, but it depends on your guitar. if you raise the action a lot, you may have to raise the pickups to compensate.
You'll need to redo intonation, but you should be checking this somewhat regularly anyways.

There's a chance you'll need to adjust the truss rod. This is also something you should check, but if there isn't much of a neck bow, don't worry. If it's higher it won't be as noticeable, but if it's a big ol' U shape, make an adjustment.
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Read the setup sticky at the top of the forum and learn,Weedhopper.

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