I am a guitarist, and Im getting into bass to play with some friends. How big of an amp will I need to play with a small band? Music is chill, john mayor type stuff.
I am looking at a 100w one of Craigslist for 150$. Will this be loud enough?
impossible to tell without any more information.

even then it's hard to judge.


EDIT: I'm going to say no though, MOAR WATTS!
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Generally I would say to try for around 200 watts, with 100 watts you might have to mic up your amp or run into the house for more volume support in larger venues. But if your just jamming around 100 watts should be fine most likely.
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200 is generally what you need for gigging depending on the brand/speaker arrangement a 100 watt will do you.

if you have no plans on gigging ever and you're just gonna be playing chill stuff lke john mayer a 100 will do ya.
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Small venue and nice clean sound for guitars etc. and 100 watts will get you by. It's good to get a bit more like 200-300 for medium venues and any bigger you're going to want to run into the PA.

Metal band that cranks it and such, would mean more wattage of course. it's all up to how loud your band is.
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How many watts depends upon what the rest of the band are up to, how efficient your speakers are and the tonal balance of your 'sound' and whether or not you go through the PA as well.

I've written an article on this. http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/columns/gear_maintenance/making_it_loud.html

Generally 200W through a decent speaker will cover most situations but you would be better off reading the article and making your own mind up