I struggle with finding time to practice the guitar so I was looking for options that I could use on my lunch break or take on business trips (where ironically I have more time to practice). I was trying to find something small, reasonably priced and

The three guitars I am looking at are the
1. Ministar Lestar/Castar (http://www.ministarguitars.net/id54.html)
2. Traveler UltraLight (http://www.travelerguitar.com/products/ultra-light/ultra-light-electric/)
3. Travler Speedster (http://www.travelerguitar.com/products/speedster/)

Has anyone played the Ministar back to back with a Traveler? The videos on youtube are pretty impressive for the Ministar. It's also about 1/2 the cost of the Travelers. Also, since the Ministar doesn't have a body, I'm thinking that it could be left in my car and would not suffer any negative effects of temperatures

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I should clarify - I plan on keeping the travel guitar in my trunk which is a bit more insulated and out of direct sun. The issue is that our building security guards aren't real fond of bringing objects into the building which look like a weapon ;-)