Reason im posting on this particular forum is because i have an immense love for (good) music. Everything from jazz, funk, flamenco, rock, techdeath funk fusion (yes im talking about sleepterror) etc. and would love to incorporate it into my project (as youll see below), im also hoping, as this is the golden age of gaming, that i will also find some fellow gamers thus making everything easier, smoother and hopefully funnier as well; read more about it below.

basically for a while now ive been wanting to do an animated cartoon with parodies of youtube videos, movies etc. I was thinking it could be sort of a dethklok/black/toilet humour thing.

Ive already got someone who might be willing to animate, but the biggest problem is bouncing ideas. Ive tried to do something alone, that was supposed to be funny, but yeah it was a smouldering piece of shite. It was all too forced, what i (think) need is a couple of lads who have the same view on humour, making fun out of wow addicts (refering to that kid who got his wow subscription canceled and then proceeds in sticking a remote up his arse, priceless), 1.6 gaming (refering to pwned.nl), movies etc.

The original idea i had was to make something similar to dethklok as mentioned before, but i didnt like metalocalypse that much, dont know why, it was funny at times, but i felt like it was light humour.
Back to the idea; to combine everything mentioned above, i thought it could be about a wow nerd (so we could make fun of them first, use their terminology, etc) but then he i dont know runs out of funds or something and enrolls in a christian jazz camp (so we could create short jazz tracks for this particular episode) with a lot of priests and what not, so theres the second black humour part.
So anyway, the jazz camp besides all the sexual inuendos and puns it would also be a parody (this particular episode) about full metal jacket - more specifically the begining of the movie, the base camp. Was thinking we could ... er arrange the begining speech of the "drill" sergeant appropriately, and where pyle learns how to do the strings on his boots he'd be learning how to restring his guitar (yes awful ideas, mind you its 3 am) and what not.

So if that was tldr; blacktoilethumourmetalocalypseparody with original music

so nothing serious, casual side project if you got a band or anything you know spend a saturday in talk on vent making fun of stuff and writing it down, doing a monthly episode on youtube and then talk more if people like it and it catches on. If ud be interested in this gimme a shout.

also sorry for all the bad ideas and spelling errors, liek i said above, its 3 am.

Haters guna hate, cheerio.
Quote by Hammy666
Back to the idea; to combine everything mentioned above, i thought it could be about a wow nerd (so we could make fun of them first, use their terminology, etc)

Wasn't a great idea overall, but this dropped the whole idea.

You've put in your opening paragraph that you're a gamer, and yet here you are half a post later picking on another group of gamers because they have different taste to you, and are a frequent target for that sort of mockery.

Good going, "gamer".

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no offense, but that is one of the worst ideas I have ever heard.
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Something like that would be funnier within a group of friends you already have, and I'd tried to steer off the subject of making fun of things that are obviously going to be made fun of in the first place.
calling yourself a gamer, and wanting to make a show putting down WoW players... interesting idea there, you must have a wii or something.