I have an Ibanez RG120 that I've actually been productively playing since about March of this year. My amp is the Line6 Spider III (15w version). I also have a Digitech Metal Master.

The music I play is melodic death metal. The 3 songs I know 100% are by Amon Amarth. Other bands I intend on playing music similar to (as well as learning their songs) are The Black Dahlia Murder, Kataklysm, All That Remains, Slayer, Bloodbath, and Hypocrisy.

Note that the majority of these bands play in very low tunings, mainly B standard. Because of this I am currently using EB Not Even Slinky strings (.13-.56).

In order to get more tones and sounds I was thinking of the various paths I should go. At the moment another guitar would be nice as I would be putting lighter strings on it so I could do the higher tunings (from Drop C and up) while putting heavier strings on my RG120 in the future. This new guitar would also come with better pickup's in order to deal with the extremely high gain and distortion that I'd be using. I also considered a new amp setup, however there's a few restrictions. I live in an apartment, so getting a bigger/louder amp seems rather illogical. I have a nice computer, nice speakers, and nice headphones, so I was really thinking of the Line6 Pod since a lot of people seem to use it and I think it sounds rather nice. There was also the option of just sticking with my current amp and buying a Boss ME-70 because it's just a damn fantastic piece of equipment and the sounds you get out of that thing are just impressive considering the huge range of tones it can produce. The last thing was to just scrap the guitar and amp, and just buy new pickups for my RG120.

So what do you guys think sounds like the best plan?

  • Buy a new guitar with appropriate pickups - In which this guitar would not have a floyd rose, and have a very low/flat bridge (schecters don't seem to do so well, because I hate their bridge but love the guitar.)
  • Buy a new amp setup (pod, me-70, etc) - The Pod seems like a really good choice due to the very wide range of amp models it has, plus the ability to record so everybody can hear the screeching!
  • Buy new pickups for my current guitar - I was thinking EMG's, or the Blackouts, or Seymor Duncan Invaders. I really don't know where to go because there's so many different types and hear so many different things that idk waht to do :<

To hear what I currently sort of sound like, you can listen here. Not my best take on the song though, at all lol
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The RG120 is playable, and although the pickups are crap, you should notice a much larger improvement in tone with a better amp/similar device. Sell your pedal and your current amp, and get a Pod X3. Those sound sick for metal tones when dialed in right, and they're perfect for your apartment, especially paired with studio monitors. Eventually, you should get a new guitar, because I don't think putting new pups in the RG120 is worth it, when you could spend an extra $200 on a lower-end S-Series or even just get an RG321. Trust me, I owned an RG120 for a while.
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Get a new amp first, then a new guitar. Don't worry about the wattage. I run a 100W amp, and I also live in a small apartment. Amps have volume knobs for a reason. Also, even though you won't necessarily use all the volume the amp offers, it's important to have the headroom there anyway.

You shouldn't consider pickups at this stage. I know how appealing they are, because I've been exactly where you are now, and I can say with regret that they're just not worth spending the money and messing around with yet. Get a good setup first before dabbling in that field.

What is your budget, and where do you live, as that will help us help you find something.
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First of all - not bad playing for 6 months.

Second - I don't like any of your options you layed out.

I wouldn't spend money on another guitar.
I wouldn't spend money on a ME20 (or a Pod) unless you are ditching your Spider.
I wouldn't buy pickups with your current setup (or Boss ME20/Pod) especially EMGs.

Let's try this:

Budget? total
Genres? got it i think
New or Used?
Home or Gig? or jamming with a drummer
What effects do you use?
Closest City?

Get a better amp dude. Forget everything else. On a budget I like the 6505+112 combo or the Vypyr 60 combo if you need lots of effects.
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I think as far as a budget goes 500-600$ might be reasonable as a top end amount.
I'd honestly prefer new, as I'm not a fan of used items without reasonable prior experience or knowledge of said item.
I'm really just going to be playing at home while occasionally playing with friends as well. Not in a band or planning on being in one anytime soon. Just a hobby thing that makes me feel good.
Effects... well right now I just play around with the tone on my Metal Master, but I keep the echo on to how I adjusted it so I can get a little better sustain, plus I think it makes everything sound better.
I'm between Akron and Cleveland, Ohio.

What I'm looking to do is broaden my horizons for playing material. The thing behind having another guitar is that I would have each one in a different area of tuning. Like having one in D standard that I could easily put in Drop C, and then having my other in B standard and also having it for Drop A and C standard. Seems lke less work, and I can get the proper sound when playing a song (which is annoying as shit playing along when the tunes aren't matching).
I get the dual guitar thing. I bought a second guitar for the same reason. You know what happened? I end up tuning both of them up and down

I was born in Athens, OH FYI.

Can you go play a 6505+112 and tell us what you think? Sell the Spider and Metal Master or whatever that is. If you like all the effects I'd look at the Vypyr 60 for $450.

But if you could score a used Peavey Ultra or XXX or something that would be pretty epic. I see them on craigslist all the time.
My friend has a 6505 that I played with a bit the other day, but I think getting a head and cabinet is a bit out of my budget, even used. I'm realistically trying to come up with a 400$ solution, despite me saying 500-600 originally. 500-600 would be a rather extreme amount, with 400 being quite reasonable. The Pod is 150$, and the ME-70 is 300$.

Would you guys think that the pod is a pretty smart thing to do? I'll be living in a dorm within the next few months, so again, keeping quiet seems like a rather smart choice.

Also if you're from Athens, Ohio then you better listen to Skeletonwitch or forever be damned!
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