There is a problem with humanity, just one. We are sick. We have forgotten our connection to our world and to eachother. It is this fundamental sickness that is the root of all that we consider evil. It is the root of greed, hatred, and powerlust. This disease begins to infect us from the moment we enter this world and we all grow up to unwittingly spread it to every person we come into contact with. We are sick, but we are not lost. Some of us have realized our disease and are working towards a cure. Some of us are healing. Some of us are remembering how to love. It is this growing love in which I put my faith. If there is hope for our race, it is each and every one of you and your capacity to love every human being as if they were yourself. Because they are.

Hi. My name is Jake and there are a lot of things about the way the world works that I believe need to change. I am trying to share information and discuss ideas on these many subjects.
If anybody is interested please check us out on Facebook. We are called Freedom is a Choice. There are close to 1500 on the page already. We post videos and articles and write our own material as well as discuss a wide range of topics. Here is the link below.

That's an awful lot of words.
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what's the point in being "philiosophical"?

Interesting question...
Sounds like a cult.


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