Today it was brought to my attention that I anchor like crazy while I play and I've heard it's better to not anchor it will allow more mobility. I usually rest my ring+pinky on the body right beside the volume knob and then sometimes I rest my palm on the bridge even though I'm not palm muting. I'm currently trying to stop from anchoring with my hand and I'm feeling little disoriented right now, but feels like I'm starting to get out of the habit. Anyways now for the question...when I play the most comfortable position involves my forearm(about mid) resting on the top corner of the guitar will that still be anchoring? When I try to let my forearm hover over the corner(but not touching) it causes tension in my shoulder. Sorry if none of this makes sense lol
I do the exact same thing, so I'm curious about this...
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i usually have my forearm resting on the guitar in some form never cause any problems
it's fine to be touching (as in resting on it), but it's less than ideal if you're actually exerting pressure on it.
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Don't worry, that's what you're supposed to do. Can't imagine trying to play otherwise. Just make sure it's just resting there, and that you're not applying too much pressure against the guitar.
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Yeah, it's only resting. The only time I put pressure down is when I do slides so the guitar stays still.
Try doing a scale top to bottom, than bottom to top. Does the side of your picking palm stay in one place on the fretboard or move as you ascend/descend? If it moves, I don't believe it is anchoring. Also, eventually it aids with muting somewhat.

I rest my arm on the guitar like you do, but it's a BC Warlock and i'm not the biggest dude, there simply is no other way to do it whether the experts like it or not. I don't believe that is anchoring, although when shredding, I do alter my position. As long as you are aware of how your arm position works best for the type of music you will be playing and how to alter it if need be, I think that's enough.
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