I've recentley started focusing on my rhythm playing and I'm realizing how important it was.What should I learn to get better at it? I wan't to play the type of rhythm like Randy does in this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHWxF5qmgwE I bought this dvd from guitarworld.com called How to play blues and blues rock and that covers the basics I IV V chord progression 12 bar blues shuffle rhythms and turnarounds. If you know were I can find more rhythm patterns and exercises to play i'd really appreciate it.
Donnell McKnignt
I suppose You didn't find in Your DVD what You listened in the Youtube Randy Rhoads video. Are You interested in Randy's technique or in blues ?
Yes i'm intersted in both of those but I really like to take certain things I like in his playing and add it too my own and in my dvd it's just basic things like I IV V pprogressions,12 bar blues and turn arounds nothing that sounds nearly as fancy in that video link i posted.
Donnell McKnignt
I'd suggest that you learn songs that have these techniques in, rather than just regurgitating the technique over and over.
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