Hey Guys, We have just released a new concept, well we think it is a new concept as we've never seen anything like this before. Its a convolver that takes live input in place of an IR File.

IR-A-LIVE can take two stereo signals and use them in place of an impulse response file, so that means, another instrument that is being played live can be your IR (Maybe a cabinet that is being played off the floor?). It can also be a track in a DAW. You could loop your favorite cabinet on a track and simply send its output to IR-A-LIVE. The possibilities are quite numerous.

Using Live signal instead of IR Files...
If your sound card has the possibility of allowing multiple inputs, and your daw has the routing capabilities, Then you can use live input as your IR File. Just route that input to IR-A-LIVE. This could in fact be a recording of your guitar cabinet live off the floor. (Although we have not tried that yet).

Using a track in the DAW instead of IR Files...
We have not fully tested this idea out yet, but say for example you recorded your amp live off the floor. Then what you could do with IR-A-LIVE is use that track as your Cabinet impulse. Although at this time, we need to test further in this area. It does not matter what you send IR-A-LIVE, it will convolve it...Send it a track with the Bass drum, cymbals or keyboards, IR-A-LIVE does not care... As with all convolution though, If you have a strong IR source, you're gonna get clip, so use the Input adjustment on IR-A-LIVE to adjust for this..

Here is a two videos of it being used in Reaper..
This video gives you an idea of how to set it up, but also and more importantly, shows you some of the benefits, like Live EQ of your Cabinet files. Essentially, the power of this plugin lies in the ability to process the track that contains the IR(Cabinet) file. Any effect you can place on a track, can be used to process your cabinet IR, just like its a normal track. Compressor/Expander, EQ, Hell you can even put a Flanger on it if you want.
Since its just a normal track, you can also use Track automation...

This video gives you a little more detail on how to setup reaper including looping the IR file...

Anyway guys, Here is the release page at our website..There is a lot more information there..and this is FREEWARE, so enjoy.
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