I'm going to get a 5 string in the future. It will be my first bass as a guitar player.
What is the standard gauge?

Also what is a good gauge for C standard?
you can use google to find standard string sizes. for C standard on a five that really depends on how you want to tune. if you want it C F A# D# G# than take what ever standard gauge is and subtract 5 from each so instead of a 105 E string you use a 100. this could be complete BS but the +-5 thing seems like a rule I learned here.

you could also tune it G C F A# D# to maintain the extra lowness of a 5 er in comparison to a guitar.
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So gauges aren't as important to change as on a guitar?
I'm probably going to tune it like a guitar minus the last string.
no gauge is still very important, I just don't know standard off the top of my head.
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Standard for a 4 is .105 to .45 and a 5 is .135 to .45
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Oh so it's like a baritone guitar, I thought it would have thinner gauges not thicker.
I think a standard 5 string would be good to tune in C standard.