I need to get a new amp soon. im playing with my dad's pod xt live through his fender super twin reverb, which has been good enough but for several reasons i need to get my own.
i have always liked the dual rec tone more than anything else and up until now i was absolutely sure i wanted that amp more than any other, but i just found out about the stiletto deuce and i heard it is better for lead work. i play death metal and i do a lot of lead work.
is this true about the stiletto deuce? and if so, can i get that brutal tone that the dual rec has?
and if the dual rec does need some tightening up for solos and stuff, i have a boss super overdrive, would that be enough to make it lead work worthy?
no, too expensive. i can find great deals (like 50% off ) on dual recs and stilettos
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no, too expensive. i can find great deals (like 50% off ) on dual recs and stilettos


I agree that the Stilleto Duece is not built for Death Metal but that is just going off clips and others opinions.
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The Stilleto is a British voiced amp, its not voiced for what you want, and it wont give you a brutal tone. It would be great for 80's metal, but not for death, a Recto would be much better suited for that.
The Dual Rectifier has recently been redesigned and is said to be noticeably better that the original - and the original was a fantastic amplifier to begin with. If you want the heavy, high-gain tones, then get a Dual Rectifier.
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Get a 2 Channel Dual Recto. Better lead sound than the 3 channels and that amp is ridiculously punchy, would be absolutely devastating for death metal.
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Duece Rectoking Stardyne.

It's the only mesa I'd ever own.

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wow that thing has 9 channels could be cool, tho lots and lots of tubes
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Really didn't care much for the Sliletto I had......the crunch channel imo was terrible.
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whilst the stiletto is a good amp the max amount of gain you're gonna get from it isn't going to be enough for death metal. the recto will do death metal VERY well, pop a boost like a Maxon OD808 or something in front and you'll love it. the guy from Cannibal Corpse uses a Triple Recto and it sounds epic, but IMO 150 watts is just silly
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